PIN Fund

Paramedic In Need (PIN) Fund

The PIN Fund is a monetary fund that EMSAA has created to help support Paramedic practitioners in times of need, the support can range from simply giving the paramedic or family of the paramedic monies so they use as needed, to something as simple as purchasing flowers for a funeral.

Current Campaigns:

Charles ‘Chuck’ Neher PIN Fund – Please visit the campaign page for further details.

Challenge Coins – $5 from each Challenge Coin sold goes directly to the PIN Fund.

Completed Campaigns:

Bill Slawuta

$5 from each challenge coin sold will be pledged to the PIN Fund, with the funds from the first 300 coins sold being donated to the Slawuta Family. To donate directly to the Slawuta family, please visit the GoFundMe page. Due to the successful sales of Challenge Coins, EMSAA was able to donate $1541.10 to the Slawuta family during a fundraiser BBQ on October 23rd 2016, this was only made possible with the support of all members purchasing a Challenge Coin.

Ben Deacon

Ben Deacon was an EMT with Edmonton Metro EMS, Ben unexpectedly passed away on Sunday October 15th in the morning at home. Ben will be lovingly remembered by his spouse Michelle and their five children, and also his close EMS family.

Ben will be well-remembered within Edmonton as an EMT that displayed great compassion and skill toward his patients and outstanding friendship to those who worked alongside him over the past fifteen years.

The Ben Deacon Family Support Fund was created to help support his family financially through this incredibly trying time for them, and all funds donated ($3,500 that was fundraised by direct donations online and coins sales with the PIN Fund; the family received the money just before Christmas) went directly to Ben Deacon’s Family. Thank you so much for your generous donation to help them in their time of need.

Theodore’s Cancer Relief

Chris Atkins is a Primary Care Paramedic in Edmonton Metro, his wife gave birth to their son Theodore Christopher Atkins on February 8th 2017 (15 days early), unfortunately Theodore was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bladder cancer. Theodore has had the cancer surgically removed, however will be undergoing 30 weeks of chemotherapy. EMSAA assisted by supporting & promoting the GoFundMe page set up for them, as well as sending them $500 from the PIN Fund.

Max Cantin

Max is an Advanced Care Paramedic in Edmonton Metro, he was diagnosed with cancer & had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. EMSAA supported Max & his family with $500 from the PIN Fund to help with the financial stress of being off work for an extended period of time.


Presently there is no specific guidelines or criteria for the EMSAA board members to determine who and how much money will be given to recipients, we base the amount on how much is currently in the PIN Fund and the severity of the situation.

Is EMSAA a registered charity?

No, not at present. However if revenues from challenge coin sales, other products, or the PIN Fund exceed $30,000 we will be looking at obtaining charity status. So we cannot issue charitable tax receipts at this time.

Can I donate to the PIN Fund?

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