Where Can I Buy One?

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Why Are You Selling Them?

There are a few reason’s we’re selling Challenge Coins:

  1. To give EMRs, EMTs, & Paramedics a sense of pride, something tangible that one can hold in their hand that represents who they are and what they do.
  2. To fundraise for the future; the goal is to fundraise enough money to create Years of Service Pins that members can wear on their uniform to be a visual representation of the time they’ve committed to EMS, to have retirement gifts that we can give to members that they can be proud of and put on their wall, and also to have the funds available to support members & their families in times of need (Creation of the PIN fund).
  3. They’re Awesome! They look beautiful & are a great keepsake for members, families of members, and even the general public that want to support EMS.


What Is a Challenge Coin?

Please click here for the Challenge Coins Page: Challenge Coins


What is the Symbolism of the Alberta EMS Challenge Coin?

Please click here for the Symbolism Page: Symbolism of Challenge Coins


Why Were The Coins Only Being Sold In Edmonton Initially?

The initial funding for the Alberta EMS Challenge Coins was obtained through a grievance between the Edmonton Metro EMS Local of HSAA and the employer; because of this we believed that it made sense to sell the coins starting in Edmonton because the funding was from Edmonton. The group of people that makes up EMSAA also are members of the Edmonton EMS Metro Local, so initial sales were in person by the group & we were only selling them while on shift during downtime to those who wanted them; with that said, we were not limiting who we were selling the coins to.


Will the Coins Be Sold To Everyone Eventually?

Yes. Plans are in place for online ordering of the coins, the technical aspect of this is being worked out at present. Currently we’ve come close to saturation of coin sales in Edmonton Metro, so to ensure everyone has access to them we’ll be using the online sales platform to do this.


It’s a Challenge Coin, Can The Public Buy Them?

Yes. The reason for this is that even though Challenge Coins by definition are to be used to challenge members within a group as an identity challenge, they are more so a collector item now as opposed to a legitimate means of identification challenge; so if the general public wants to purchase a coin to support EMSAA, that’s great! The more funds that we raise, the better we are able to support EMS members with Years of Service Pins, Retirement Gifts, and the PIN Fund.


Can I Trade & Collect Challenge Coins?

Yes Absolutely! There are many people that collect & trade Challenge Coins, either in person, or even via online! We recently heard a story of a Spruce Grove FireFighter that traded his Challenge Coin with a US Border & Protection Services Officer during a trip to the USA while in customs. Challenge Coins are a great way to meet other people within emergency services/protective services and start up conversations.

Consider this, once you’ve long retired from EMS, your grandkids find your Alberta EMS Challenge Coin and and it’s now a family heirloom.


What Does the Alberta EMS Challenge Coin Cost?

$25. At present $20 is to cover cost of the coin and to fundraise for future EMSAA projects (Retirement Gifts, Years of Service Pins, etc). The other $5 is being put towards the PIN Fund (Paramedics In Need Fund) with the funds from the first 300 sold going directly to the Slawuta Family, and due to the likelihood that Bill will need a lot more support we are likely to commit more than the initial 300 coins sold.


How Do I Know The Money Is Going Where You Say It’s Going?

EMSAA is a registered non-profit in the province of Alberta under the Society’s Act (Non-Profit #5019853380), and we have to abide by legislation in regards to how the funds are managed. Yearly we have to submit our financial books to the Alberta Government for auditing, and our books have to be internally audited by board members other than the Treasurer.

We also plan on publishing our finances on the website at least yearly to allow anyone with a vested interest in what we are doing to see where the money is and email us with questions if they have any.